Why Use K.P. Landscapes?

Pat has more than 20 years of experience working in Galway and abroad.

Together with his team of expert landscape gardeners, K.P. Landscapes have the skills and proven ability to bring outstanding designs to fruition.


At K.P. Landscapes we are passionate about our work and compassionate for the environment. We create balanced landscapes that are both aesthtically pleasing and blend harmoniously to the surrounding environment.

Our landscapes use natural materials and carefully selected trees and plants in a thriving habitat that is typically easy to maintain.

Project Planning

Whether you are a private customer, local business, or multinational company, K.P. Landscapes can work with you to develop your first thoughts into design concepts.

With our expertise we can quickly transform the initial design concepts into your project plan and begin the practical work.

Getting Started

The experts at K.P. Landscapes can advise you on the concepts that best suit your environment. We can help you choose the most suitable designs and foliage for your project.

To begin turning your dreams into a reality, contact us today.


Client: Galway Property Management, Galway.

Contact Details

K.P. Landscapes are keen to hear your ideas, to advise you and begin developing your project. Why not contact us today? You can drop us an Email, or simply give us a call!

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